Minimalist or Barefoot?

Well I ran for the first time over the weekend in my Vibram Five Fingers! It was only a little over 2 miles and it was a slow pace but the entire family was with me so I had to hold back. This was probably a good thing.

Sarah even ran! Although she only ran (almost) one loop around our local middle school track (1/4 mile) and then gave up. DAMN!
I really want Sarah to run! I tried to help her, but most of the time my help comes in the form of criticism. Which tends to have a negative result.

I can only hope she does not give up completely.

I ran again Monday morning in my VFFs! The run is in the DailyMile on the right ->>>>
It felt pretty good. My achilles was sore and HURT after about 3 miles. I think it was the scar tissue breaking down because now it feels better.

Then I ran today! Now up to 11 miles in my VFFs. Much better pace today.
Only real problem has been blisters… But I don’t blame my VFFs. I blame my form, I think I was “pushing off”
Afterall I am an experiment of one..

Favorite running poster: “That’s NOT SWEAT. It’s your fat cells crying!!!” HAHA

Favorite shirt in a race: “Pain is just weakness leaving the body”

Pain is just weakness leaving the body

Googled the quote and found this....

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4 Responses to Minimalist or Barefoot?

  1. Tana says:

    Hi there :) Is it okay that I kinda off topic? I am trying to look at the blog on my new Mac but it doesn’t show correctly, do you have any solutions? Should I try and find an update for my computer or something? Thanks for the help I hope! Tana x :)

    • povadmin says:

      Hello Tana! — welcome to the Persistence of Vision blog! Thank you for taking a moment to leave feedback to the author of this blog. I’ve downloaded and installed Apple’s Safari v5.0.2 and have confirmed that this site operates correctly in the browser. So if your not running V5.0.2, yes you should look for the update and try again. Have a nice day!

  2. john mossman says:

    Hey J! I’m glad to see that you seem to be pushing through your injuries and running strong. Have you seen VFF’s new trail versions coming out next year?

  3. povadmin says:

    That was a late night last night… got to bed @ 11. Yes I have seen those VFFs The first ones are the updated Bikila LS which is an upgrade to the existing Bikila line. Two of the other VFFs are WOMEN only shoes.

    The last is the Komodo Sport and I am not sure if this is the one you were interested in for trail running, but they do look pretty cool! I’ll probably get a pair in 2011 if I can find them… Until then I’ll probably get the KSO Trek Sports to try trail running in VFFs. Maybe for christmas….

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