Barefoot and Minimalist….

This year has been all about minimalism! We are watching our $ I started watching my weight…
Then I started running.
Every time I ran in the rain I got injured.
Every time I went out and hauled ass I got injured
Until a friend of mine (Ultra marathon runner and all around superman John Mossman) let me read his “copy” of Chi Running

Chi Running set me down a path I never saw coming. Since reading it I started increasing my weekly mileage at an alarming rate. It made both my running friends Mel and John to caution me regarding increasing mileage 10% per week (I went from 20, to 30 and topped off at around 40 miles/week).
Chi Running allowed me to move without focusing on muscling my way through a run. It helped me focus on my form, stride, and just enjoying the movement itself.

When I ran the Lewis and Clark Marathon I hadn’t run anything over 13.3 miles. BUT to me 13.3 miles is and was “easy” It’s not something I am concerned about anymore since I’ve done it so much now…
Aug 29, 2011 10.18 Miles
Sept 7, 2011 13.27 Miles
Sept 11, 2011 13.14 Miles

To cap it off on Sept 18th I ran the McKendree University 13.25 mile “Super” Half Marathon and finished in 1:45:25 My Athlinks Page!

After I started reading Chi Running, I also started reading Born to Run.
If you’re a runner or even slightly interested in running I highly recommend reading it. But it is considered the “bible” of the barefoot running and minimalism running movement.

I don’t see it that way. Some people are fanatics about it, some swing the polar opposite of it and wouldn’t ever give up their “floating” across the ground feeling. I feel the true answer lies with both camps. Running barefoot will not make/allow you to BQ (Boston Qualify)

But I think it’s very important to realize that shoe companies are interested in 1 thing above all else $$. Otherwise they wouldn’t be a COMPANY they’d be a charity, or a government organization…… I am not that all they are interested in is money only thing they are interested in, but it is a major factor in many regards.

After Lewis and Clark I had a swollen left ankle and then Achilles tendonitis. The ankle took 3-4 days to heal, the tendonitis is ALMOST fully recovered.

During my recovery period I am making the transition to minimalistic footwear.
I have Vibram Five Fingers KSO’s and Terra Plana Daharma’s

For my ultra-marathon in Feb next year I purchased New Balance MT101′s

So I’m back to walking my lunch breaks and when my tendonitis is gone I’ll start building up my base in my VFFs. This will take a little time but I think it’ll be worth it!

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2 Responses to Barefoot and Minimalist….

  1. Your Aunt says:

    Sweet, so you did get the vibram five fingers! and how do you like them?

    • povadmin says:

      YES! And YES! Although I don’t look hip going to Walmart in them. But I’m not wearing them as a fashion statement. I’m going to post a VFF follow up now!

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