10/23/2011 – Rock n Roll Saint Louis – Hopes! – Dreams! – Goals!

I just ran 14 miles on Saturday at a 7:20min/mile pace then on Sunday I ran 10 at 7:42min/mile.  With adaquite prepa

A.  Have an awesome time!
B.  Goal 3:30 or less finish
C.  Goal Maintain a 7:40 +/- 10 pace

If I succeed at Goal C then I happily get B as a prize.  Regardless if I fail B & C as long as I keep A in mind, B & C won’t matter as much.
Since my current Marathon PB is 3:52 I have a large delta in my hopes & dreams in comparison to past results!  I can’t wait to see what this Sunday brings.  But since this will be my 3rd Marathon I know how it will end regardless: I’ll be a sad, emotional mess of a runner who is lucky to have a loving and supportive family!

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