Persistence of Vision?

Persistence Of Vision is a Myth which only improves the moniker for my uses! :-)
Wikipedia Persistence Of Vision

No one could have presented my moniker better than BLUE MAN GROUP in “Rods and Cones”:
“When you look at something, the rods and cones in your eyes fire in rapid succession, but between each firing, there is a brief resetting period, during which your eyes are unable to take in any new information.

Your brain covers up these micro-scopic moments of blindness with lingering after-images which help make your vision appear to be fluid and uinterrupted even though it is not.

This phenomenon known as persistence of vision is the unique physio-logical quirk that makes the illusion of animation possible.

The dark spaces between each still frame of animation literally sneak by while your eyes are not looking”

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One Response to Persistence of Vision?

  1. Sister-In-Law says:

    So, you exist in the void between visions… metaphorically. Must be a strange place.

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