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Yes it’s time for LOTS of !!!! ;-)
I like reading. I REALLY like reading about things I’m passionate about. Right now it’s running. I read “Born to Run” like it was candy… Seriously. We are quite literally BORN TO RUN! It’s genetic, just look at persistent hunting! Before we had guns or any weapons at all… We had our legs! I’d SO LOVE TO TRY IT! I just need to visit Africa or get a small group of 4-5 other dedicated runners who also love to hunt. It’s fun to try and model my diet based on this process!

Think about it for a minute!

When we all were fighting for dominance vs. Neanderthal (Neanderthal being stronger, bigger and smarter) we existed off a mainly vegan diet. Our largest source of protein came from persistent hunting. Thus we only ate meat everyone in a while. It’s difficult to align my life with this model, and I’ll never fully succeed… I love meat! :-) BBQ Ribs, nice juicy steaks, tender chicken breasts. Yummy!

Ok enough with this post… I’ll end it with this from Running Blog:
Did you know only three percent of the population can run over three miles? It’s a fact! In other words you’ll stand tall…in a crowd. As the years go by your long run will become longer. You’re not so tied down to transportation. For whatever emergency may come your way, you can always be the one who can run for help…if need be.

My last couple benefits you get for staying a runner year after year. If you like a flat stomach that’s another benefit uncovered of runners! One last benefit for runners if your one to have problems with constipation; runners have a tendency to not have that problem any longer.

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2 Responses to This is a must share!

  1. Sister-In-Law says:

    This is so entertaining. :-D

  2. Your Aunt says:

    You did not just write about constipation…..did you? LOL
    Do you have to run the whole 3 miles or can it be a combo of walking running?

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