Bad Nutritional Choices


I began my weekend on the wrong foot, well before attempting to run on the cold, damn Sunday. On Saturday morning I went to McDonalds for a coffee before Amber’s soccer game and couldn’t get JUST a coffee… So I got the Bacon Egg and Cheese McGriddle meal… Then we took Sarah to Fazoli’s on Saturday for lunch which usually “forces” me to eat around 5 or 6 bread sticks with my lunch of pizza baked spagetti. While that along should make me gag, I went home and tapped into my largest source of glutony: Girl Scout Cookies.

So lets run the totals shall we? Ok assume 6 breadsticks for worst case senario: 150 cal/ea so there is 900 calories in breadsticks! Pizza Baked Spagetti? 750! True I shared with the girls, so take 50 off. Still lunch total of 1600 calories! OMFG Did the fun stop there? Hell no. I get home and eat “some” girl scout cookies, I’m ashamed to admit how many but lets just say 990 calories later I went outside to mow…

Yah I consumed 2590 calories. Check one of the 7 deadly sins off my list!
Oh and for breakfast? Yah I hit McDonalds. I got a Bacon Egg and Cheese McGriddle (420 cal) + Hashbrown (150 cal)

I am a ROCK star! 3160 calories BEFORE dinner! I realize I am running and I need to account for that in my caloric intake, but dear lord what was I thinking? Oh yah, yummy that sounds good!!

Then Burger King for lunch on Sunday… YUCK. I am sick of fast calorie ridden crap foods!

I’m going back to work before I puke up my lunch. Man ignorance really must be bliss!

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  1. Sister-In-Law says:

    At least you’re aware of your bad choices. Some people make those choices without realizing how bad things can get. And usually those people don’t exercise, so they don’t have a chance to burn off the shit, so to speak. You’ve got the advantage of regular exercise, and a health-conscious supportive family.

    • Jose says:

      Never.Measure some powered skim milk [maybe the equiv to 1 liuqid cup] into small containers take some fruit w/ u.I pour some of the milk into my mouth, add water n swallow.If you’re highly refined, pour water into a cup and mix in the milk.The milk costs $10 for 20 quarts and keeps a long time.

  2. povadmin says:

    Thanks for the comments! Sarah pretty much echoed your comments when I told her about this. I said exercise is not an excuse for gluttony :-( In other words I don’t care if I burn 1000 calories a day. I’m not running to eat. So many runners I know think that way. It’s kinda sad. I enjoy the food I eat BUT it’s fuel. At the end of the day that is all it can ever be. I think it’s an epidemic that people have such strong emotional ties to some foods. Just think of people who live off almost nothing! Yah they must really miss Dominoes… haha. Give them a small thriving garden and that would be a miracle to them, much more than a stupid pizza!

  3. John says:

    Like the old running t-shirt says, “I over-train so I can over-eat.”

    It’s good that you’re keeping tabs on your diet, but don’t beat yourself up. You are an amazing runner now and burn many, many more calories than the average bear. Food is now your fuel, not your pass-time.

    • povadmin says:

      Thanks John! But I don’t think I train to eat. I try to think of it the other way around: I eat so I can train. I’m trying to account for what I’m eating in regards to it’s impact on my body. It’s more of that Chi Running “Body Sensing” stuff. Like the time I TRIED to run with Mel and ended giving up after 10 miles?!?! Yah I ate a BIG Burger King lunch just 2 hours before going out… And little suprise? It was a crappy run… One of my top 2 worst. I was so frustrated! I don’t care how good that crap was; it was NOT worth it.

    • Leamae says:

      If he thinks he has dietabes, he should ask his Doctor to test him. The test is really simple. There’s no reason to blindly try diet and exercise though he can no doubt benefit from that. His diet would simply be a healthy diet for a man of his age and weight minus some calories for gradual weight loss. The type 2 diabetic portion would be to spread it out, smaller more frequent meals and lower glycemic index foods that release the glucose more slowly. It’s like when you can’t lift a 100 lb box up the stairs so you divide it into two 50 lb boxes and make two trips. The pancreas will find the lower glucose peaks easier to deal with. There are calorie counters on line and many of the digital scales will now calculate your steady state daily calorie intake as well as your body fat, water content and BMI, note he will have to eat a couple hundred calories less than the calculated amount each day to lose weight perhaps more if he’s really sedentary.

  4. Your Aunt says:

    I’m in agreement with your wife and sister-in-law. At least you are aware of what you consumed and you don’t do it on a regular basis. I’ve been trying to tell myself recently “what does your body really need to fuel it versus what do you taste buds tell you they want”. It’s mind over impulse and that can be a challenge at times!

    • povadmin says:

      Oh I totally agree. I’ve been practicing the IF lifestyle on/off this year. But not while I was training. It’s important to keep a life balance! Everything in moderation. Some of the best advice I’ve used this year while training/dieting:

      Keep it simple stupid! The more processed the food is the worse it’ll most likely be for your body.

      Keep sugars to a minimum, but who’s kidding ITS HALLOWEEN! So Trick or Treat becomes a 1 for you and 2 or 3 for me!

      Be careful when buying Halloween candy! Wait until closer to Halloween to keep your sugar consumption in control (this is a do as I say thing, yes I am a hypocrite)

      • putra says:

        calorie maolire!! get the calorie counts right out of your head they tell us nothing at all about the foods we need to be eating. If your friend is convinced that he is diabetic, then the best food plan for him is South Beach or Atkins, phase 2 of either PLEASE!, And he can lose weight if you both watch the serving sizes!! We do not need to super size our servings even if I am a 5 foot nothin feather and he is a 7 foot football player! Just make sure the meals or snacks are no more than 3 hours apart. This prevents a lot of problems with thinking you are hungry! Also don’t cut the fat content of these food plans as it is the fat that makes us think we are full! More fat, less food!!!

    • Yaren says:

      You can do either one or both. I do remeomcnd the powder form in your own skim or 2% milk it tastes better when you make your own. Oh, and add some fresh fruit and blend it for a very healthy smoothie! Yummy. Like the vanilla slim fast with 1/2 blue berries or strawberries or peaches! You’ll love them.

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