Long time coming…

10/3/2011: Lewis and Clark Marathon! 26.2Miles of fun…
We all got up early, were moving slow and ended up leaving about 30min late. I got about 4 bites of my pinole (no where near what I wanted fuel wise)

6:45am (race starts at 7:15)
We are sitting in TRAFFIC 3 miles from the parking lot for the race we were all getting stressed.
About 3 cars ahead of us someone got rearended! So “First Things First” at least we didn’t get into an accident!
Put everything into perspective!

We enter the parking lot at The River Port Plaza and I jump out of the van to head to the starting line. I pass several lines for the porta johns thinking “Thank GOD I don’t have to pee or poop!” When I exited the van the outside temp was 42F…. COLD!

I’m in my pace “slot” around 8min/mile and ready to go!

The race begins with a quick walk to the starting line then a slow walk across since there are around 7K-8K runners… Sarah and the girls are there but I didn’t know and I didn’t know where they were so I just took off.

I ran at a comfortable pace for the first 5 miles. I was feeling great but drinking very little. People EVERYWHERE…
#1 Grosser than gross: snot rockets EVERYWHERE people are disgusting!
#2 Gu and other race gel packets EVERYWHERE. I am not really a greenie, but GIVE ME A BREAK people…
#3 Skipping the porta johns before the start SEEMED like a good idea, it was not… Having to pee for almost 14 miles sucks…

13.1 Miles:
I crossed the 1/2 Marathon line after 1:48 into the race. 3 mintues slower than my Mckendree University “Super” Half Marathon.
I was ok with the slower 1/2 since I wanted to take it easy so I had some in the tank for the second 1/2
I saw Sarah and the girls cheering me on… Tears welled in my eyes and I fought back a strong wave of emotion, these waves visited me on and off the the last 13.1 miles. Distracting but unavoidable. My feelings for my girls is so intense at this point I couldn’t do anything but keep going and RUN!

14 Miles:
PEE PEE PEE I hit the aid station as I was planning during the last 10 miles I ran (about 90% of the runners were 1/2 marathoners so there was no line here! YAH!)
When I left the porta john my knees felt stiff and difficult to run on but after about another mile the loosened up.

Miles 15-18 were all about the GU BABY! I needed fuel and I was taking every chance I got! GU GUMMIES, GU GELs…
My miles 18, 19, and 20 I started seeing the GU Gummy wrappers on the ground and wondered “Maybe someone dropped a full bag! 10 second rule does not exist after running 20 miles!” Then: “What A WASTE OF GOOD GU GUMMIES!”
At this point I didn’t really care about the environment, just the wasted fuel…

Miles 21-24
I was locked into a speed. I could have walked, but there was no variable speed I could go. At times I tried to speed up only to realize my body was not interested in doing what my mind was telling it to do. I hit no “Wall” but I did hit a point. My point was a disconnect between what my mind knew I was capable of and my body telling my mind to STFU.
So by mile 24 I owned and when I say owned I mean OWNED that speed. At many times during the race I was passed and I didn’t care. At this point I was starting to pass people!

Miles 25-Finish
I was actually alone for almost a mile! I was a beautiful morning and I was able to appreciate it even at this point. Coming to the finish line I saw Sarah and the girls cheering me on and I almost broke down on the spot. I was emotional beyond belief. I love my family so much and to see them almost made me want to quit and get hugs right there, but I soldiered on… I was passed right before the finish line by a guy who (after he finished) looked like his legs were made of rubber. They were flopping all over the place! GROSS!

I got my metal, and grabbed some snacks for my girls (all 3 of them…) and left the race. My left ankle was sore but I was walking! I even carried Katelyn for a little while.

I knew when it was all said and done, I was NOT! I had a 10K on 10/17/2011.
Post race my ankle swelled up and took 3 days to look normal. Then I got to experince achillies tendonitis! Thus I ran 5.5 miles on 10/11/2011 testing out my left leg. It was a mistake… I ran the Go! Saint Louis Halloween 10K in a little over 47minutes! That was fun but again agitated my tendonitis…

Now I am babying my ankle… I bought some Virbam Five Fingers KSO’s and some Terra Plana Daharma’s since while I am babying my leg I want to transition to minimalistic footware. I also ordered some New Balance MT101 minimalistic trail running shoes.
Currently I am signed up for Psycho Waco Ultramarathon (50K) on Feb 12, 2011 and plan on running 3 or 4 marathons next year.

My 2011 tag line?

100+ miles in 2011!

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