I ran in the rain this morning for the first time since I injured myself 2x before while running in the rain.  I discovered my mistake!  When I “rainrun” I used to change my stride and would over extend my lower legs causing me to healstrike like a total running newbie.  It HURT when I would do that…  Part of my problem is that I REALLY LIKE RAINRUNNING!!!  I ran my fastest 5.5mile this morning ever!  7:45/mi according to Garmin! 

Was that the best part? Hell NO!

The best part was coming home, not in pain but in joy.  The only thing I regret about this morning is that I had to stop!  I am “sick”. 

It only gets better…  I had a unique encounter this morning as well!  2x skunks!!!  I guess they are nocturnal AND LOVE TO PLAY IN THE RAIN TOO…  So we have 3 things in common then!! Weird…

Last night instead of eating pancakes with my girls for dinner I had Pinole Oatmeal.  Yes I tried it as a result of reading Born To Run…  It was pretty good!  I felt full but not stuffed.  Sarah said if I lose any more weight she’ll take me to a nutritionist!  (Yes I am somewhat stable weight wise right now so no real worries YET).  Then I made Pinole brownies to take to work.

I don’t understand why I am stable weight wise.  I am not obsesive about my diet…  I eat when I’m hungry and I don’t eat CRAP.  I am trying to avoid sweets.  I RARELY ever drink a soda (liquid calories are the worst!)  I ate almost an entire can of mixed peanuts in the last 2 days!!!  8 servings!  180 calories per!  Thats 1440 calories (granted I did dump a large handful into my co-workers hands since we have a mutual food sharing arrangment)

Enough of this long blog crap!  Peace out my one reader (John, your awesome!)  Guess I should share this blog with my family…  Even if Brent thinks Google is the Great Satan who has come to initiate everyone into Dante’s various levels of hell on earth…  Brent I love you Bro, but come on…  Google is not something you wipe and flush! :-)

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  1. Sister-In-Law says:

    I read all your entries, just so you know. You’re not writing in a vacuum. Although, you are writing in a “language” of your own. I don’t understand all the phrases and/or sentences… :-)

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